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Born in Montreal, Carlo began acting at a young age when his mother thought he should be putting his gift for storytelling to good use. As a young actor, he worked with Children’s Theatre, Children’s Creations, and on various film and voice projects. Later in life, he left the acting world to pursue other interests, such as International Development and Biochemistry, but a career in the arts kept calling him back.

Over the last several years Carlo has made a name for himself in TV, film, theatre, and voice. On screen he has appeared in over 50 television and film projects, including 19-2, This Life, Ascension, Pawn Sacrifice, Gurov & Anna, Infected, and The Dead Zone, and has been seen in a number of national commercials. On stage he has performed in plays such as On This Day, In Absentia Haunted, Women of Manhattan, Dial “M” for Murder, and Radio Gals, among others. His voice has been heard in innumerable commercial campaigns, and in video games such as Assassin’s Creed I, II, III and IV, Deus EX: Mankind Divided, Far Cry, Rainbox Six Siege and Prince of Persia.

Carlo’s approach to his craft is to create authentic characters with truthful responses to the situations they are placed in, in order to connect with the audience in a way that allows them to lose themselves in the story being told.

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Spoken languages

English, French

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