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Deon Freeman - 2021


Born in the city of Montreal, Canada, Hasani Freeman is a dynamic 22-year-old actor who is lighting up the Canadian entertainment scene with his remarkable talent. After attracting the attention of renowned and respected talent agent, the late Susan Glenn, Hasani has become a constant presence in the Canadian film and television industry, with a string of exciting projects coming up.

One of his most notable upcoming roles is in the highly anticipated feature film "The Draft", as well as a supporting role in the animated film "Storm The Vessel".

Hasani's previous work includes the acclaimed feature film "You Can Live Forever", which premiered at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival and received recognition at other prestigious festivals such as Outfest and VIFF, among others. He also made an appearance in the third season premiere of "Transplant" on NBC.

Hasani has also participated in other projects, including Netflix's "Single All The Way", the feature films "La Bronca", "The Saver", and Anais Barbeau-Lavalette's feature film, "Chien Blanc". He also collaborated with Academy Award-nominated director Meryam Joobeur on her short film “Born In The Maelstrom.”

Like many Canadian kids, Hasani's first love was hockey. He started acting at the age of four. Although he excelled at elite level hockey from the age of thirteen, his passion for theater emerged at the age of 11. Joining the local theater troupe, Teen Tour Theatre, in Montreal, proved to be a breakthrough moment, as it led to her being discovered by her agent. From there, his career enjoyed a rapid rise, leading him to roles in television series such as "19-2", "Game On" on YTV, and "Republic of Sarah" on the CW.

When not on set, Hasani continues to hone his acting skills through various workshops, private coaching and conservatories in New York and Toronto, including the Tom Todoroff Conservatory in New York, the William Esper Conservatory, the LB Acting Studio, and the Actors Imagination Studio in Toronto, among others.

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