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Lou Scamble - 2022


Holly Uloth has been a working artist for over twenty years. After graduating from theatre school, she co-founded a physical theatre company, where she co-wrote 4 plays and co-directed 3. She also wrote and performed a one-woman show, Last Call, for which she won the Best Actress MECCA. After almost 2 decades of continuous on-camera and voice work, which included being the voice for several L’Oréal campaigns, narrating documentary series and working on video games, Holly moved into producing. Her 9 short films have collectively won over 70 awards and Pop Up Porno, a limited web series she produced, was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award in 2015. That same year, Holly won the competitive Women in Film and Television/ William F White Production Manager Mentorship and, in 2016, returned to school to attend the Producing Program at L’INIS. In 2019 she was awarded a competitive CMPA Export Development Mentorship and helmed the development of 3 original series with PMA Productions.

Holly never stopped working as a voice artist and in 2020 began a new chapter working in dubbing. Since then, she has dubbed feature films and was cast as lead characters in two series. Starting yet another new chapter in her career, Holly started directing video games in 2019. She fell in love with the work, the creativity of the job and working with actors daily. With her extensive experience as a voice actor along with her experience in a theatre collective and as a producer, Holly has honed the skills needed to be a great director. She is currently the lead voice director on the newest installment of one of the largest franchises in the world.

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