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Karine Levesque - 2023


Actress, Singer and Producer Loryn Taggart ambitiously broke into the entertainment scene after taking a leap of faith moving to Toronto at 16 in the pursuit of a career in music and acting. Throughout the course of her early career Loryn landed various roles in independent films, musicals and touring bands all before the age of 20.

Loryn rekindled her love for her acting and dancing when she was asked to audition for the roll of David Bowie - landing the roll on the spot - fronting a tribute show that toured throughout Quebec and Europe, most notably at venues such as Place Des Arts and the Canadian Arts Centre.

Loryn has acquired ample international skills in acting, music and dance from years of experience and education. Loryn studied under Lewis Baumander at the acting school in Toronto, she studied ballet at the Melbourne School of Classical dance in Australia, she also studied stage choreography with Montreal based choreographer Maud Saint-Germain.

Loryn is excited to be pursuing acting and performance, all while releasing her debut album in the fall of 2023

Loryn Taggart




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