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Perry Senecal - 2022


Thomas (He/Him) managed to first find his way to the stage at the age of 13. Growing up in the rural army town of Petawawa Ontario, a family friend enlisted his help in a community production of “The Ugly Ducking”. Since then, his passion for acting and embodying characters has defined and coloured his pursuits. He completed a formal performance degree from the Dome Theatre in 2014 while simultaneously performing in Montreal’s Village nightlife scene using the Drag Queen alias Bambi Dextrous.

He has since approached an array of roles with unwavering care and interest whether on stage or camera. From indie projects such as “Pool”, to television’s “19-2”, “The Bold Type” and “Just for Laughs: Gags”; Thomas strives to bring a connected, charismatic life to every performance opportunity.

He has also enjoyed diverse professional experiences working on "X-Men Apocalypse" (2017) and "Dark Phoenix" (2019) standing-in and photo-doubling for Nightcrawler. He also regularly lends his acting ability to the world of Medical Patient Simulation via McGill University.

Otherwise, he can be found delivering studied, word-perfect, lip-sync performances both in Drag and on social media that are characteristically imbued with his own sense of wit and pop-culture savvy, all while furthering his abilities in makeup artistry and the occasional modelling gig.

Thomas Wilkinson Fullerton




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English, French

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