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Anaïs Cadorette-Bonin - 2022


Even before starting her studies, her love of the stage guided her towards improv, summer theaters and hosting many shows in Beauce, where she is from. It is therefore not surprising that Olivia immediately embarked on creative and dynamic projects upon graduation from the École de Théâtre du Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe en Interpretation (2019).

As soon as she arrives in Montreal, she is welcomed by the team as a host. In August 2019, she co-created and participated in Gilles pis la P'tite, a humorous and honest YouTube channel, which demystifies Gilles de la Tourette syndrome, of which its co-creator is affected.

Olivia is currently very active on social networks (Youtube, TikTok, Instagram) since they allow her to let go of her creativity, to experiment and to stay in contact with the people who follow her.

But this little bit of a woman does not lack energy, and it is in front of an audience or cameras that she stands out.

Olivia emanates enthusiasm, spontaneity and self-confidence which make her a real pleasure to work and collaborate with.

Olivia Leclerc

UDA Stag





110 lbs



Dark brown



Spoken languages

French, English (with accent)

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