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Jeremy Cabrera - 2021


Ever since Nils ran up on stage and gatecrashed the performance of a poor acting troupe on a school tour at the age of 8 in his native country of Sweden, he has taken a keen interest in the performing arts. Class clownery and drama groups eventually led to theatre school, and he graduated The Nicolai School’s Aesthetic Theatre Program in 2008.

He eventually landed in Montreal, where he continued his studies and graduated from Dawson College’s Professional Theatre Program in 2015.

He has performed in numerous theatre and film projects since then and has had the honor to develop and perform in his own one-act play with Centaur Theatre’s Catalyst project, which later went on to be picked up by the Saint Ambroise Fringe Festival.

Nils is continually looking for new facets to add into his box of tools and cannot wait to continue his growth
as an actor, writer, and a person.

Nils Svensson-Carell






160 lbs






Spoken languages

English, Swedish

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