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Michael Korovine - 2018


From the days when he highlighted the holiday gatherings with his cute little dance moves at age 5 to living the dream in LA, studying at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute and touring with a UK rock band, it seems Sid was destined for some sort of spotlight.

As much as the spotlight is not his focus, it must be said that performing is clearly in his DNA. It probably trickled down from his grandfather who was a great poet and a singer then through his mother who inherited the same power of words, lyrics, and music from her father, dancing her way through life and nurturing the artist in her son. Completely and utterly engulfed-in and inspired-by the arts, a true creative mind is what Sid has always been and there’s nothing like utilizing the mind creatively when diving deep into a character and bringing it to life.

Magnetic. Energy. Ora. He claims the greatest compliment he ever received was after a show from a dear friend in the audience who said: “You were like a ball of fire and energy on stage. It looked like you were suspended in air, glowing and burning like an inferno!” He holds this comment dear in his heart as all he hopes to strive for when delivering a performance is that he may connect with the audience, stay true to the character, and in turn, stay true to the story as a whole.

We all tell stories, we can only hope to be part of the great ones.

A true Montreal original, Sid is vibrant and lives fully, festively, and happily.

Sid Michailidis






163 lbs






Spoken languages

English, French

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