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Alex Tran - 2023


Born in Paris of Chinese and Irish parents, Xiao-Yi moved to Montreal at the age of three. Already as a young boy in school, his natural talents as storyteller with an innate sense of comedy were clear to see. He continued to develop his showmanship with several years of piano at Vincent d’Indy School of Music.

It was in dubbing that he first discovered a real love and joy for acting, lending his voice to many film and TV characters in both English and French. He continues his dubbing career with different performances in film, television, video games and advertising. As a teenager, his unique Eurasian looks caught the attention of scouts in Montreal and he began a career as a model and participated in various Canadian commercials.
Serious and diligent by nature, Xiao-Yi understands the importance of study and is currently enrolled in John Molson Business School at Concordia University.

However, more than anything else, he wants to learn and grow as a professional working actor. Xiao Yi approaches his job with a mature sense of professionalism, relying on his instincts, his sense of rhythm and his ability to listen to hone his craft. Fluent in English and French, he looks to offer sincere and emotional performances, to give life to his character and to serve the creative vision of the director and production team.

Xiao-Yi Hernan






180 lbs






Spoken languages

English, French

Commercial (Desjardins) - EN
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Commercial (SAAQ) - EN
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Voice demo - FR
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00:00 / 01:04
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